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Enrique Iglesias featuring Ciara - “Takin’ Back My Love” (Video)

Enrique Iglesias featuring Ciara - “Takin’ Back My Love” (Video)

on Feb 17 in CiaraEnrique IglesiasPopVideos

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Its “Cry Me A River” with a splash of “Bust Your Windows”—- ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Jazmine Timberlake!

The song has been out for a minute but ‘Rique and Cici have finally gotten around to shooting a video for it.  As a whole, I’m not really impressed with the selections in Mr. Iglesias’ video repertoire (‘cept for “Bailamos” and that one he did with Whitney) because they are all pretty much E. Glay walking down a dimly lit hall chasing or being chased by a rented model, but I kinda dig this one.  Its a bitter break up vid shot with sexy blue lighting, cool glare effects, and melodramatic sh*t-throwing pop stars.  The trashing of the house gets to be a bit much halfway through the clip as it seems to turn into “Ciara—- swipe vase off table in 3…2…” but its still a hoot to watch these two as they do generate some genuine hot chemistry.  It might not get a lot of love cuz some might see it as the Chris ‘n’ Rihanna situation with a pop/dance soundtrack, but its still a pretty decent video from an artist not usually know to make them.  Grade: B

P.S.  And I love the way Enrique in his oh-so-Enrique way sings (producer of the moment) “Red One!” in the beginning.  I get a kick out of it every time.



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