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EXO - “Call Me Baby” (Video)

EXO - “Call Me Baby” (Video)

on Mar 31 in EXOK-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip HopPassport TunesVideos

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K-Pop really has gotten off to slow start this year as there seems to be a lack of bonafied monster singles/albums to rock if not my world, then at least my afternoon.  2NE1 is on hold while CL chases American crossover dreams, Big Bang’s supposed comeback hasn’t produced anything yet except for wild speculation and recent released from miss A, Crayon Pop and Super Junior’s D&E have been more “Oh, OK” than “O…MG!”

EXO’s latest “Call Me Baby” is definitely a step in the right direction, but it still isn’t doesn’t feel like an instant smash the way last year’s “Good Boy” and “Danger” were… well for me, at least.  The Teddy Riley production credit explains the radio friendly R&B vibe of the track and the video doesn’t disappoint either.  While this is one of those instances where the styling is a “pass” for me, I am digging the handheld roving camera shots, the clever set ups and the choreography.  I do love a good formation change as well and there are changes aplenty here with the fellas switching lead singers, outfits and locations a few… several times.

I gave the new album a listen and there are a few ballads that stood out (you can depend on ‘em for that—- see past jams What Is Love, Thunder or Moonlight) but none of the uptempos besides “Call Me Baby” resonated with me.  Album shortcomings aside, it’s still reassuring to have a familiar name in K-Pop delivering if not a homerun, then at least a solid hit.



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