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Florence and The Machine - “Cosmic Love” (Video)

Florence and The Machine - “Cosmic Love” (Video)

on May 19 in Florence and The MachineIndie PopVideos

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It was only recently that I got into Florence and The Machine when I reviewed the weirdly fantasitcal “Dog Days Are Over”, so I was amped to see that she’s still churning out videos from her most recent album Lungs!

“Cosmic Love” sounds like the comeback single of 90’s alternative faves the Cranberries that never happened with its soaring chorus and epic “Love Lockdown” drama drums punctuating the track.  Like “Dog Days”, the new vid is another well shot art school project as Flo gives it to you rocking a Freddy Krueger shredded theater jazz bodysuit while in a lightbulb-festooned hall of mirrors.  A machine-less Florence also wanders through a rainbow hued forest while modeling the latest in virginal Amish bible study wear and there is a glowing prom dress that figures into the equation as well.  I think there’s a whole “I was lost until I found your love” story goin’ on here, but I can’t be sure.

Again, the styling and direction are so on point that it doesn’t really matter to me if the light bulbs and disco lit autumn leaves mean anything.  Its this kind of visually striking simplicity that makes me sad that Ms. Aguilera didn’t look to Flo ‘N’ Mac for a little inspiration instead of the ho-hum Madonna drag show that she’s trying to pass off for artistic expression right now.  Grade: B+



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