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Florence and The Machine - “Dog Days Are Over” (Video)

Florence and The Machine - “Dog Days Are Over” (Video)

on Apr 16 in Fashion ActionFlorence and The MachineIndie PopVideos

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So I was in a record store the other day (remember those?) when I overheard two girls ask the shop owner if he had any Florence and The Machine on vinyl (yup, I was in a record record store!)  Anyways, the guy didn’t have Florence vinyl and I had no idea who the artist was ‘til that very night when in my internet travels who do I run into?.... yes, Florence AND her Machine!  What a crazy coinky-dink, no?

Flo ‘n’ Mac are relatively new to the music scene and the UK-based artist (its really just Florence and a rotating roster of musicians… very “C&C Music Factory”) who recently started garnering some buzz in the US with the hipster/college crowd.  Recent single “Dog Days Are Over” is an odd ukulele-fueled indie pop jam with an equally odd video to match.  Five seconds into the clip, the kabuki make-up, the teenage Peg Bundy ‘do, and that d*mn ukulele intro let me know that I was gonna be in for a treat.  Twenty five seconds later, we are introduced to Flo’s Snooki-esque/“Single Ladies”/Avatar gogo girls and I’m officially all in!  The funky/weird train keeps chuggin’ along as we are also treated to Little Red Riding Hood harpists, Islamic conga players, a pair of marching band drummers and a futuristic gospel choir while colored smoke provides a haze that is either a special effect… or a symbolic side effect of the drugs taken by those responsible for the creative direction of this video.

The styling, although some of it recalls Madonna’s “Nothing Really Matters” video, is a flawless multi-culti pastiche that shouldn’t work, but it does.  And nothing else but the spastic white girl/retro 60s-influenced choreography would’ve worked for such an endearingly odd track like this.  I’m not sure if its all supposed to mean something, but with this much quirky eye candy packed into less than four minutes, I can’t say that I really cared too much about “getting it.”  Grade: A

NOTE:  I’ve also included the original version of the video as I later learned that the clip I fell in love with was actually a do-over.  Although the Woodstock-ian “Cirque De Blair Witch” acid trip feel of the original is nice, I kinda like the polished weirdness of version #2 better—- its a much stronger visual statement.

(2010 Version)

(Original Version)



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