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Foo Fighters - “Drive Me Wild” (Vanity 6 Cover)

Foo Fighters - “Drive Me Wild” (Vanity 6 Cover)

on Apr 12 in 80'sFoo FightersVanity 6

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How the heck did I get through life for so long without knowing about this sooner?  This version of “Drive Me Wild” was originally released in ‘97 as the b-side to the Foos’ “Everlong” single and it was also featured on the 10th anniversary re-release of their The Colour and The Shape album… really???  Anyone covering the iconic 80’s Pussycat Doll trailblazers known as Vanity 6 would grab my attention, but if just so happens to be Dave Grohl & His Fightin’ Foos, then mild curiosity gets automatically elevated to “Say what? Saw word!” status.

Gone are the sleazy new wave synths and “do me, now!” urgency of the original and the song is re-imagined as a funk/rock Lower East Side club concert sound check romp with Dave’s stoned frat boy vocals tackling the Prince-penned lyrics.  I believe Susan took the lead on the Vanity 6 version so it is a bit jarring at first to hear her whispery coo replaced by Grohl’s drugged out drone, but it works I guess.  The production tends to drown out the lyrics at times and that wah wah feedback got a bit heavy handed in certain parts, but when all is said and done it’s Foo Fighters… covering effing Vanity 6!!!—-  Now, where’s their take on “Nasty Girl”?

Foo Fighters - “Drive Me Wild”

...and here’s the original

Vanity 6 - “Drive Me Wild” (Extended Version)



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