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Frankmusik - “These Streets” (Video)

Frankmusik - “These Streets” (Video)

on Apr 30 in Far East MovementPopVideos

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I like Frankmusik… it ain’t the fanboy kind of love that I see that he gets from a lot of the indie pop blogs, but I dig him all the same.  I sampled most of his latest release, By Nicole, the other day and while I found most of it a bit overproduced and Frank’s vocals unfortunately buried in the studio gloss of the album mixing, it was the final track that was the pop magic jackpot I was hoping for.

“These Streets” is a beautifully produced somber mid-tempo ballad that vividly paints the picture of a man lamenting the end of a relationship by visiting the places that remind him of what once was.  It is the obvious highlight on the album and I was patting myself on the back for stumbling across what I thought was an undiscovered gem.  The song has been on repeat for the last few days and my imagination has been furiously working to concoct an accompanying visual which lead me to discover that… this gem ain’t so “undiscovered” after all as “These Streets” is the third(!) official single release from the album and uh, it already has a video!

With a visual of my own already marinating in my head, I nervously clicked the play button hoping not for a wack concept, but simply one that wasn’t mine.    To my annoyance/relief, the official video for “These Streets” is… Frank in a loud, misshapen sweatshirt lip syncing the song in the middle of London traffic.  I’m certainly not opposed to the have-the-artist-just-stand-there-and-we’ll-work-the-concept-around-them approach when it’s done correctly (see Katy B’s “Crying For No Reason”), but this?  Nope… total snoozefest.

I really want this guy to win as his singer/songwriter chops are the real deal but Frankmusik’s bid for pop success has been a frustrating cautionary tale of questionable decisions:  A solo deal in the U.K. yielded an album that failed to make any chart noise back in 2009.  Parting ways with his first record label, Frank packed his bags for L.A. and set his sights on U.S. stardom, but teaming up with new labelmates Far East Movement (y’know, the “Like A G6” boys) also wasn’t the breakthrough I’m sure Team FM was hoping for.  Oh, then there was that brief WTF moment when he changed his stage name to Vincent Did It for a hot minute only to pull a “just kidding” and revert back to Frankmusik a few months later!

While he may not have the mass appeal of a Justin Timberlake, Frankmusik could definitely create a pop lane for himself with a bit smart marketing for “These Streets” (TV series/movie soundtrack seems like a no-brainer) but he’s certainly not helping his case when the video for his strongest single to date looks like an awkward teen’s halfhearted attempt at a green screen YouTube video.  Grade: C

Stay up on all things Frankmusik over on his website (where you can also purchase a copy of By Nicole) and check out the unfortunate video for “These Streets” below and Mr. Musik’s spazzy dance moves from his ‘09 sorta hit “Better Off As Two”.


Oh, and the original mix of “In Step” (from his debut album Complete Me) kinda bumps too.  Go ‘head and press play…

IN STEP (Original Mix 2007) by Frankmusik on Grooveshark





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