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Go Maddy, It’s Your Birthday!

Go Maddy, It’s Your Birthday!

on Aug 16 in 80'sMadonnaPhoto ShootPopVideos

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I wasn’t really planning on posting anything despite reading on every other music blog that today marks the big 5-2 for ol’ what’s her name… some chick named Madonna?  However, I eventually came a across a fan-made(?) montage of Maddy images through the years and figured that a b-day shoutout from QsViews wouldn’t be so bad after all.  Besides, the 80s nostalgia seems to happen in threes around here so with the Miami Vice post and now Madonna, I guess you should all brace yourselves for oh I dunno… a Rubik’s Cube tribute post in the next few days?

I’m digging this montage in particular cuz I’ve always been fascinated by/in awe of iconic imagery in pop music and its amazing how many of the pix in this collection truly are iconic—- and even more amazing that so many were not included.  I’m not a hardcore Madonna fan but I can’t help but be impressed by her catalogue of hits, her longevity (three decades!), and the fact that she is the standard against whom all other female pop singers are measured.  So yeah other girls are more relevant nowadays, but even they will readily admit that they’ve consulted their Madonna Superstardom Playbook of Tricks when launching their own careers.

So fan or not, the documented journey of this woman going from scrappy aspiring singer from the L.E.S. (Lower East Side) in the 80s to legendary global icon in 2010 is worthy of at least a minor celebration.

Happy Birthday, Madge!

Oh, and I’ve also included a megamix too cuz you can’t have a conversation about Madonna and iconic imagery without including her contributions to the artform of music video!



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