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Gorillaz featuring Mos Def and Bobby Womack - “Stylo” (Video)

Gorillaz featuring Mos Def and Bobby Womack - “Stylo” (Video)

on Mar 02 in GorillazHip HopPopVideos

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Animation buffs, soul music loyalists, hip hop purists and Die Hard fans… this one’s for you!

The boyz of Gorillaz get a CGI makeover for new video “Stylo” and they re-emerge as three dimensional outlaws—- think Avatar minus the blue, divided by some serious ammunition.  I’m not sure if they’ve just robbed a bank or committed some heinous gruesome act that required a creepy Jack In The Box mask, but the boys are on the lam and they spend the duration of the video bustin’ caps, outrunning the law and gettin’ their “Wild Wild West” on with Demi Moore’s baby daddy.

Yes, in a role the will surely snag him the title of “Coolest White Dude Of The Month” amongst the music geek blogosphere, Bruce Willis stars as a dome-chromed bada$$ who wants nothing more than to permanently erase the band courtesy of some serious cold steel.  Camaros are abused, death angels appear, doughnuts are wasted and before its all over, one of the characters in this five minute action flick winds up with a fatal bullet to the head-induced migraine.  Throw in the smoke monster from Lost and that sinister Mos Def(!) and Bobby Womack(!!!)-helmed mid-tempo electropop groove subtly soundtracking the mayhem, and you’ve got the cool-cuz-it-isn’t-trying-too-hard results that Wil.I.Am was shooting for and missed with his latest doing-too-much pair of videos.  Grade: A

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