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HyunA featuring JunHyung - “Change” (Video)

HyunA featuring JunHyung - “Change” (Video)

on Jan 29 in HyunAPassport TunesPopVideos

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Well ya just never know what you’re gonna find here at Q’s Viewz and if you’re not familiar with it yet, let me introduce you to the world of… K-pop!

While I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of neither K(orean) nor J(apanese)-pop, this Asian market-targeted style of music definitely has its share of superstars and diehard fanbases to match.  My familiarity with K-pop artists is pretty much limited to BoA, Rain, Wonder Girls and now this sassy lil’ pop minx HyunA.  Miss A was a serial girl group member, having been a part of the aforementioned Wonder Girls as well as 4minute, before gettin’ all Beyonce on us with the release of her first solo single.  After watching the attempt to break BoA here in the US crash and burn last year, I find it amusing that this chick takes B’s “Asian Britney” angle, sluts it up a bit more and then throws back at us like none of us knows who the Pussycat Dolls are. 

The production on the track is an odd mix of video game bleeps that recall Flo Rida’s “Low” and the dance pop sound of every girl who was trying to sound like Britney back in ‘02.  The video, on the other hand, is an odd mix of relentless c**chie poppin’, rampant hair tosses, lukewarm chest thrusts and ill-fitting metallic hot pants.  Its always fun to watch how international artists do the whole “big budget dance video” thing as it tends to be influenced by American pop stars and “Change” is no exception with HyunA channeling BritBrit and Ciara and borrowing what looks like the Destiny’s Child “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” club—- but on like an off-night, though. There is also some silliness involving a Korean rapper (the apparent “rebel” in a successful K-pop boy band) with ridiculously teased hair and cheap looking sunglasses in a prom tux.  However, the irony is that despite all the American swagger jackin’, the artist HyunA ultimately reminds me of is… BoA.  That not-quite-as-good-as-it-could-have-been rain breakdown was lifted from “I Did It For Love”—- which was itself lifted from any number of US R&B/pop videos—- and the tomboy/hoodie getup seems to suggest that La Hyun is also a fan of “Eat You Up”.

So yes, “Change” is completely derivative and somewhat cheesy… but I still kinda like it.  I dunno; I will always have a soft spot in my heart for these type of videos regardless of how good they are.  BoA shouldn’t worry though, if the US wasn’t ready for her, then we certainly aren’t going to embrace Korea’s answer to Cheryl Cole either.  Grade: C+

Oh, I also included the teaser/trailer as it hyped up the video to be something so much bigger and better than it actually was.

Get the single here.



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