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It’s Official: I Heart Big Ang!

It’s Official: I Heart Big Ang!

on Jan 16 in Shamefully Into This...TrashTV

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OK, I’m not particularly proud of the fact that I have a soft spot for trashy reality shows.  Yes, I’m fully aware that it is “reality” with a healthy helping of manipulation, but a good (albeit staged) chick fight and other people behaving badly f*ckery is always the perfect “things ain’t so bad” remedy for when I’m having a bad day.

Mob Wives
is one such guilty pleasure, a reality show documenting the lives of a handful of mob connected NY gals with a propensity for f-words and fisticuffs.  The opening sequence alone is a brilliant gritty, grimy spin on those Sex & The City TV spots from back in the day—- only this time, Carrie & The Crew are four hardened, chain smoking, leathery Staten Island broads in furs.

Now in season 2, the show quietly introduced a character last week that has stolen my heart on sight.  In the midst of the episode’s curse laden, dish flying fight fest, a seven foot, duck lipped, big breasted, foghorn voiced would-be peacemaker appeared and immediately became the star of the show—- in my mind—- without ever having to throw a punch.  Big Ang—- yes Big Ang!—- is a woman so ridiculous that she has to be real (who could make her up?) and her unintentionally funny and sweet personality is the orange icing on a really big cake.  Check the clip below where Ang and her homegirl recall their “white girl wasted” antics from the previous evening and try not to fall in love with her Newports-sponsored laugh.

Now, how long is VH1 gonna wait before giving us what we need?—- the inevitable spin-off, The Sopr-ANG-o’s!

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