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J Balvin & Willy William - “Mi Gente” & “Voodoo” (Video)

J Balvin & Willy William - “Mi Gente” & “Voodoo” (Video)

on Jul 04 in J BalvinLatin Pop/UrbanoPassport TunesReggaetonVideos

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Yup… this was one of those videos that 5 seconds in, I knew I was gonna be all about it. The song by itself is definitely a love/hate situation—- that sample either annoys you to no end or it’s the reason your head is rockin’. I, full disclosure, am on Team Head Rock… though that “woooooooooooooh!” had me shook initially thinkin’ that Pitbull was gonna come along and ruin the party with another dry verse about the “305”.

J Balvin is back with “Mi Gente”, a track where he teams up with French DJ/producer Willy William and manages, having read several reviews, to have his fans equally divided into the camps that I mentioned above. EDIT: OK, so I was researching Willy William while I was writing this section of the review and just discovered that Wills, like Black Coffee did recently with Drake, pretty much let J wholesale jack this beat in an effort to get broader exposure for the song! 

Alrighty… so “Mi Gente” is a world music (Hey Africa! Sup Colombia?)/reggaeton fusion and the video is an equal mix of underground dance, art and fashion. Throw in a flame-cycle, dope neon effects and certain scenes morphing into 3D watercolor(?) renderings and you’ve got an impressive video that will no doubt be a template for other artists trying to seem “edgy”.

The original version of “Mi Gente” A.K.A. Willy’s recent clip for his song “Voodoo” is an entirely different visual, with different lyrics (duh), featuring a young girl and her supernatural boom box, a powdered and creepy dance troupe, and an iguana who, like me, is clearly on Team Head Rock.  Both videos feature interesting concepts… though I’m not sure “what it all means” in either so I’ll have to be content with that beat ‘til someone explains to me what I just watched.

Check ‘em both out below and get a lil’ taste of what’s currently bangin’ in Colombia and France. Oh, and shouts to Willy for holdin’ it down both in French and Spanish!



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