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Jackson Wang and Galantis - “Pretty Please” and “100 Ways” (Video)

Jackson Wang and Galantis - “Pretty Please” and “100 Ways” (Video)

on Sep 04 in Jackson WangK-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip HopPassport TunesVideos

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GOT7’s Jackson Wang follows up the mid-tempo bop that was “100 Ways” from this past spring with the decidedly more ambitious “Pretty Please” as we head into fall. Taemin’s latest was a bit of a misfire so I might have to rock with J. Wang for now as he continues to try and make the solo thing happen.

“Pretty Please” was a pleasant surprise in that I was not expecting Jackson to come through with a dance heavy track and a an ambitious story driven video to go with it.  With “Chinese classic Hong Kong 90s movie” as a reference—- and a dash of “Thriller”—- the clip finds Jackson channeling that other Jackson as he follows his leading lady through the dark deserted streets of H.K. in an effort to return her lost necklace and show her a rain-soaked dance break he and his buddies put together. Throw in a early 00’s dance groove and a couple of wolf effects and “Pretty Please” winds up being a good party that ends too early.

Check out Jackson in action below as well as the video for “100 Ways” which features the same lead actress.






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