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Janelle Monae - “Make Me Feel” (Video)

Janelle Monae - “Make Me Feel” (Video)

on Mar 09 in 80'sJanelle MonaePrinceR&BVideos

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She kissed a girl and she liked it?—- Janelle Monae is back and she’s definitely moved on from the pompadours and highwater tuxes that was her signature look earlier in her career.  Her image evolution has been gradual and while it’s not as aggressively in your face as Rihanna, it is quite evident that Miz Monae is feeling herself… and a couple other folks as well!

I admittedly ignored “Make Me Feel” as it was preceded by “Django Jane” which I was.not.a.fan.of.at.all.  However, a friend put me on to “Make” and I realized that I was too hasty in dismissing Janelle’s new material as a whole.  “Make Me Feel” is a song that recalls 80s-era Prince and the video makes the connection more obvious with it’s visual homage to “Kiss”.  The early part of the clip had me thinking that Janelle was chasing the “girl on girl for attention” pop star cliché... but oh no!  As the video progresses, it becomes clear that Janelle is torn between her gal pal Tessa Thompson and Not Miguel and thus, a bisexual love triangle unfolds before our eyes amidst an 80s aesthetics orgy of androgyny, sexual ambiguity, Flock of Seagulls haircuts and “not to be played with” mega shoulder pads.

Even without the “shock factor” of Janelle’s coming out dancerie, the video holds up to repeated viewings.  Celebrate her “freak flag waving” and get into the latest from Mama Monae!





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