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Janet Jackson - “No Sleeep” (Single Premiere)

Janet Jackson - “No Sleeep” (Single Premiere)

on Jun 22 in Janet JacksonR&B

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I will admit that when Janet announced new music AND a new tour back in May I experienced a wee bit of a cataclysmic mind melt.  I’d assumed she was done with the biz and happily living the high life with her billionaire husband cuz y’know, it’s been years since we’d heard anything music-related from her.  Despite the rumors over these last few months that an album was coming, nothing had been confirmed… ‘til that fateful day last month.  The hype has been slow and steady since and now we finally have something substantial to digest… a new single!

Despite my excitement for new music, I was equally apprehensive as the last few albums tested my loyalty as a Jan fan which one of my best friends finds both amusing and worthy of frequent taunting.  A snippet leaked over the weekend but now that we have it in full I’ve had a chance to digest Miss Jackson If You’re Nasty’s “No Sleeep” and * drum roll * ... yeah, I love it!

I’m sure everyone was expecting an uptempo banger, but the first single didn’t need to be something dancey as long as the track banged in its own way, and that’s where “No Sleeep” succeeds.  J wisely—- and perhaps due to fans’ online pleading—- reunited with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and the dream team updated their winning formula to create something that is as throwback as it is current.  The lush, stacked harmonies are here as well as the (thankfully not over the top) sexy lyrics which is all propelled by a laid back sexy R&B groove that sounds like a slightly more mature musical cousin of “That’s The Way Love Goes”.

This was a smart move for Janet as she side steps the obvious trappings (big! trendy! EDM! younger artist feature!) with this single and slowly and methodically eases us into this new era.  While I love this new single for everything that it isn’t, it also heightens the anticipation for the big dance track that she eventually will have to deliver.  In the meantime, I’ll be getting “No Sleeep” bumping the latest from La Doublé J.!



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