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Jay Park - “Me Like Yuh” / “Aquaman” (Video)

Jay Park - “Me Like Yuh” / “Aquaman” (Video)

on Jan 13 in K-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip HopVideos

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I’ve been bumping the Korean version for a while, but the English version of “Me Like Yuh” is kinda dope as well, Bieber reference notwithstanding. 

For the uninitiated, Jay Park is an American artist who gets a lot of love from the K-Pop world, but his sound and imaging leans more “Hip Hop & R&B” rather than “prefab glossy idol”.  He, like G. Soul, Dean, Crush and Zion T., do a great job of fusing Korean and American influences into something that looks and sounds a bit more genuine than some of the artists being pushed by the big entertainment agencies.  Park’s latest single embraces that pop-infused, vaguely dancehall sound—- annoyingly referred to on certain music sites as “tropical house” (ugh)—- that Justin Bieber can credit for rescuing his career from pre-teen sensation has-beenism.  As I mentioned before, Jay even references The Biebs in the lyrics, but I love the song in spite of that unfortunate detail.

The video is part “Hotline Bling”, a little bit “Rock The Boat” and also notable for the unusual decision to cast a black model as the love interest—- Look at Jay, shoutin’ and showin’ love to the sistas!  The dance scenes aren’t really the focus so to really appreciate it you’ll have to check out the choreography only version which also features a guest vocal from Hoody.

I neglected to post it when it came out last fall so I’m also including Jay’s video for “Aquaman” as well.  His “...the way I stay down there / You gon’ think I’m Aquaman” oral sex reference is just as cringeworthy as the Bieber mention but I can forgive his occasional lyrical missteps cuz well, there’s a hot tubmobile in this video!




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