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Jay Park - “Sexy 4 Eva” (Video)

Jay Park - “Sexy 4 Eva” (Video)

on Oct 02 in Jay ParkR&BVideos

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Already huge in Korea, I really want Jay to win here in America, his home country.  Dude has potential but “Soju” as his first US single release??? I wasn’t a fan of Jay’s Roc Nation EP debut, this summer’s Ask Bout Me, but “Sexy 4 Eva” was definitely a standout so I’m glad to see the song getting a video push.

At face value, “Sexy” is a midtempo R&B jam that’s three minutes of Jay testifying about his flyness so I expected the video to be a flossy affair full gratuitous shots of Park shirtless, surrounded by models and a parade of “I’mma boss” moments. So, it was a pleasant surprise that the visual is actually a shoutout to diversity and an effort to broaden the defintion of who and what is “sexy”—- it’s the Jay Park-ification of Christina’s “Beautfiul” that seems both very 2018 and timeless at the same time.

I love that Jay chose the less obvious route for the concept of the video and it’s a choice I wish he’d make when it comes to his songwriting as I often find myself trying to get past some of his cringier lyrics—- “...damn it hurts like a popped pimple”??? That’s the best you could do?—- in order to appreciate his music despite some of his lyrical shortcomings.  A tightening up of his pen game and a full-on embracing of the pop star potential and Jay Park has a decent chance of being the “Asian Justin Bieber” that he claimed to be in “Me Like Yuh”.



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