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Jennifer Hudson vs Teena Marie

Jennifer Hudson vs Teena Marie

on Mar 21 in 80'sAlicia KeysJennifer HudsonR&BSwizz BeatzTeena Marie

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Given the magic that Alicia Keys and her marital boo Swizz Beatz created when they blessed Whitney with the throwback-sounding “Million Dollar Bill”, I was curious to see what they would come up with for a woman seemingly headed for Houston-like greatness, a one Miss Jennifer Hudson.

Despite impressive pipes, I’ve always felt like J. Hud’s talent has so far been wasted on uninspired, middle of the road, by-the-numbers R&B.  With the right song selection and producer, she could really cement a legitimate singing career, in my eyes, as opposed to simply coasting on the whole Oscar-winning former Idol contestant thing that she’s got going for her.  So, what does the Beatz/Keyz union cook up for the other Jenny from the block?

Well, I was kinda diggin’ the track with its minimal piano/marching band drum production at first, but I couldn’t help feeling like parts of the song sounded more than a bit familiar.  Coincidentally or not, I was just listening to the late, great Teena Marie’s greatest hits the other day and d*mn near cracked my skull in the shower jamming to Lady T’s classic “I Need Your Lovin’” and BAM!—- That was when it hit me.  Listen closely to the pre-chorus and chorus of La Hudson’s “Angel” and tell me if it ain’t simply a reworked version Tee’s jammy jam, albeit with a note tweak here and there.

I’m not suggesting that the similarities are intentional, but if Alicia is in the business of stealing men (ask Mashonda for references), then who’s to say she might not “borrow” a back in the day hit every now and again as well?  You be the judge…

Teena Marie - “I Need Your Lovin’” (Soul Train Performance)

Jennifer Hudson - “Angel” (Produced by Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz)

Oh, and the extended version of “I Need Your Lovin’” is an orgasmic seven and a half minute blissful blend of R&B, funk and disco.  I’ve always been a sucker for strings and that bassline is somethin’ serious!...



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