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Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull - “Dance Again” (Video)

Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull - “Dance Again” (Video)

on Apr 05 in Jennifer LopezPitbullPopVideos

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Well I ain’t mad, that’s for sure… mama Lopez is taking full advantage and workin’ the free publicity and built-in venue to push her pop tunes that comes with being a judge on American Idol for every drop of renewed relevancy that it’s worth!  It was only but a year ago that Jenny trotted across the Idol stage pushing her then latest single “On The Floor”, a RedOne-produced, “Lambada”-sampling affair that put her back on pop radio.  Twelve months later and after only a handful of singles released off of last year’s Love? album, La Lo is back with both RedOne and Pitbull pushing her new jingle “Dance Again”, otherwise known as “On The Other Floor”.

Clearly a firm believer in the “If it ain’t broke” philosophy, Jenny LoLo essentially takes the elements of her comeback jam from last year and presses the “duplicate” button on the hit-making copier machine and voila!—- it’s 2011 all over again.  The “Dance” video opens with a wind-blown Jennifer making a grand entrance and pausing long enough to squeeze in the flying product placement before joining a ceiling orgy.  Beauty shots and writhing ensues before the room clears to make way for the official introduction of J.‘s latest piece, dancer Casper Smart.

The rest of the video is J. Lo and Casper—- JenCas? LoSmart?—- showing us that their relationship is the real deal through a series of glittery eye gazes, a dance breakdown and some mutual blindfolding.  Oh, and Pitbull delivers another typical “Mr. Worldwide” rap of nothingness outfitted in a rental from the James Bond Formal Wear Boutique.

So no, there is nothing new to see here… well except for the star frolicking with her new beau.  However, I gotta say that La Lopez looks great as she rarely drops the ball in the visual eye candy department and the video actually made me kinda like the song… and it isn’t that the point after all?  Grade: C+



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