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Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull - “Fresh Out The Oven” (Video)

Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull - “Fresh Out The Oven” (Video)

on Nov 21 in Jennifer LopezPitbullR&BVideos

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I’mma keep it a hun-id… a little piece of me does chuckle when I do J. Lo posts cuz I just know that a friend of mine who frequents the blog cries tears of acidic blood and screams bloody murder upon reading her name.  She doesn’t really care for her at.all.  Anyhoo…

So after taking a break to drop a few kids, La Lopez returns to the music scene with probably her least likable single ever.  “Fresh Out The Oven” is so all over the place and instead of adding Pitbull, perhaps they should’ve added a melody, a catchy hook, or a hot track first.  Instead, what we get is a “coat check jam”—- you know, the kind of record the DJs play early in the evening at the club when everyone is checking coats and ordering their first round of drinks.  And even as a coat check jam, it ain’t that great.

This whole video puzzles me so cuz for a woman who loves her a beauty shot, we hardly see J. To The L-O at all.  What’s more, the scarce, quick cut mili-second close-ups that we do get of the sing… entertainer reveal her to be harshly lit in a blonde wig and pale makeup; Jenny, the block will not be pleased.  I’m not quite sure what the marketing strategy is here, but I don’t quite get why her shoes and jewelry get more love than she does—- and yes, I know she is rocking Louboutins and the official first single, “Louboutins” is basically a shoe commercial disguised as a four minute dance track.

Now entering the tenth(!) year of her um, recording career, it will be interesting to see how the younger kids with no recollection of In Living Color, that Grammy dress, or “Bennifer” will receiver her.  I, for one, am not feeling this and I can usually ride with her on at least the first single from each of her albums—- and no, it may have worked in the past but a remix will not save “Fresh Out The Oven” from its flopsville destiny this time around.  Grade: C-




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