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Jessie Ware - “Imagine It Was Us”

Jessie Ware - “Imagine It Was Us”

on Mar 23 in DanceJessie WarePassport Tunes

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I’ve been hearing about this Jessie Ware chick for more than a minute.  Ohhhhhh how the music bloggers have been raving about this girl, crowning her as the next big thing and even going so far as to call her “the new Sade”—- you say what now?  Oh, so anybody female from the U.K. making sorta chill, downtempo music rocking a snatched back ponytail gets hailed as “Sade 2.0”?  Yeah no, and the comparison is so not justified.

Everything that tastemakers have posted on their various websites as evidence that Miss Jessie is “one to watch” in the last year has been met with, at best, lukewarm enthusiasm from me.  Sure, she has a nice voice but her material is a “meh” collection of beige tracks that work best as unobtrusive background music at some dimly lit lounge that isn’t as hip as it thinks it is.

I approached the latest from J. Dub with the same amount of semi-interest that preceded her previously released overhyped dronings that failed to sustain my interest for more than a minute or two.  Imagine my surprise, though, when I not only wanted to listen to “Imagine It Was Us” in it’s entirety, but I actually found myself liking it as well!  No, the track still isn’t anything that makes me want to rock a “Team Jess” t-shirt and no, Sade most certainly has no need to be worried, but the song is certainly a step in the right direction for La Ware.

“Imagine” is a mid-tempo dance number soaked in some gloriously 80s synths with an R&B/disco baseline anchoring the proceedings, all of which has seemingly awakened Ware and inspired her to break from her penchant for vanilla vocals.  The song is slated to be included the U.S. release of Devotion: Gold Edition, Ware’s 2012 debut album.  A few more tunes like this from Jessie Jess and I won’t necessarily drink the Kool-Aid, but I wouldn’t mind taking a sip or two.



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