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Jessie Ware - “Love Thy Will Be Done”

Jessie Ware - “Love Thy Will Be Done”

on Apr 24 in Jessie WarePassport TunesPop

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Oh Jessie, I really tried to give you a chance.  I may not have appreciated most of the supper club pop music from your debut album last year, but I was feeling the throwback house vibe of recent release “Imagine It Was Us”.  However, I’m saddened to find myself back on “Team ‘Nope!’” after hearing your latest offering.

I really gave “Love Thy Will Be Done 2.0” a chance but there are two things glaringly wrong with this re-make: 1) Martika isn’t singing it and 2) That ain’t Prince doing the backgrounds.  This new version of “Love” is a bit too slick and the glossy sheen of the production washes away the subtle touches that made the original a sexy, but somber, solid piece of pop.

Check out the superior version by Kids Incorporated alum and brief pop star Martika with Prince “doo wop poppin’” in the background below…

As a show of good faith though, I will give Jessie a few props for gathering the club kids from various 90s Crystal Waters, Robin S and Annie Lennox videos and bringing them together in the clip for the aforementioned jam that is “Imagine It Was Us”...



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