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JLine - “Ready Set Go” (Video)

JLine - “Ready Set Go” (Video)

on Jan 28 in DanceJLinePopVideos

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O.K., so in the midst of doing posts about Daley and Jon Bellion a while back I kept reminding myself to do a write-up on JLine… and then it never happened.  Then I decided to include him in a series of posts of artists that I knew or knew of… and that didn’t happen either.  However, a recently posted clip of 2012’s “Ready Set Go” on JLine’s Instagram reminded me not only that the song racked up a few spins on my iPod, but also that I never did a Q’s Views post on it—- until now.

I remember JLine from back in the day when were both workin’ it out in class several times a week (albeit different classes) at Broadway Dance Center.  It has been interesting to watch his career develop over the past several years as he takes the indie route on his way to pop success.  While I’ve appreciated his work mainly because of his DIY approach, “Ready Set Go” was an impressive and polished culmination of J’s efforts at the time of its release and in a fair world, the track should’ve found a place alongside similar Usher and Calvin Harris/Ne-Yo singles that were getting mainstream love.

In a Top 40 world where R&B dudes are chasing euro sounds and Timberlake and his various clones are clamoring for hip hop acceptance, JLine’s music is unabashedly dance pop and “Ready Set Go” sounds like the descendant of 80s synth-jams from the likes of Nu Shooz and New Order.  The icy keyboard lines and that ear candy hook would have no problem with folks who like their EDM more Guetta than Skrillex.  The song serves as the soundtrack to a video in which Mr. Line rounds up his girls to get some late night two stepping going on the lower east side streets of NYC.  With a strong high school age fanbase, J. has crafted an image and sound that recalls the TRL heyday of the early 2000’s.

Teen angle aside, “Ready Set Go” is a solid pop song and JLine’s strongest single release to date.  Stay up on all things JLine by visiting his website and check out his more recent material and back catalogue here, especially if you’re in need of new selections for your gym workout playlist.



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