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John Legend x “Rolling In The Deep”

John Legend x “Rolling In The Deep”

on Mar 24 in AdeleJohn LegendMike Posner

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Well alright, let the church of rolling deep say “Amen!”...  Ever since Mike Posner butchered Adele’s current smash “Rolling In The Deep” with a subpar electropop take on the song, I’ve been wary of anyone else who attempts to put their own stamp on it—- it’s that whole “If it ain’t broke…” thing, y’know?

So, when I saw that John Legend took a crack at Delly’s already classic, Grammy-bound hit I was initially a bit apprehensive.  However it IS John Legend, an accomplished musician with decent chops, so it couldn’t be too bad, right?  To my surprise, J. Ledge strips the bluesy stomp of the original and re-imagines “Rolling” as a melancholy old negro spiritual seemingly tailor made for the stage, an Ailey repertory staple in the making perhaps?

Park yourself in a rocking chair on the front porch, quench your thirst from the heat with a tall glass of lemonade and get your church fan on while listening to this one; its the right thing to do.


P.S.  This was uploaded by Mr. Legend himself and he has generously offered the track as a free download!  Just click on the down arrow on the right side of the player.



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