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Jon Bellion - “All Time Low” & “Psychedelic Fiction (Woodstock)”

Jon Bellion - “All Time Low” & “Psychedelic Fiction (Woodstock)”

on Apr 15 in Indie PopJon Bellion

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Well geez… I’ve been in such a K-Pop haze recently that I had no idea that Jon Bellion was busy dropping new music, and I follow dude on Twitter!  Luckily, I saw one of his retweets tonight and quickly got to the business of finding out what Jonny B. has been up to while I’ve been “away.”

I’ve been championing this guy for a minute after hearing not only his impressive flip of Drake’s “The Motto”, but a lot of the original material from his second mixtape, Translations Through Speakers.  I was still rocking with him when he released the Translations follow-up The Separation, but I had to question my Team Bellion membership last year when he dropped The Definition.  Yeah, he totally lost me with that one… wasn’t feeling any of it.

Un-rockwitable album aside, I respect Bellion as a for real, for real artist (He writes! He Sings! He produces! He raps!) free from major label trappings and seemingly doing things his way.  A sampling of some of the YouTube vids that he’s posted offers a behind the scenes look into his often fascinating (to me, at least) songwriting/producing process.  “All Time Low” is a welcome return to fine form as Bellion crafts a break-up jam chock full of sonic dopeness (the hook, the unexpected drop three quarters of the way through, that vocal hiccup when he sings “all” before the chorus) that gets better with each listen.

Bellion threw “Psychedelic Fiction (Woodstock)” up on his Soundcloud a couple of weeks ago—- again, not sure how I missed that—- and the track is yet another example of how beastly he is in the studio.  The Coachella-referencing druggy hedonism picture he paints during the first verse deceptively had me thinking this was gonna be a The Weeknd via Jon Bellion situation, but no.  There are some gorgeous strings, a little Hendrix-ian guitar action and ethereal vocal effects that serve as a vivid soundscape of chilled out acid trip detailed in the lyrics.  His influences may or may not be obvious but the end result is all Bellion.

“All Time Low” and “Psychedelic” have me hopeful that my misgivings about The Definition can be left in 2014 as the new ish def —- Ha! see what I did there?—- initely has me on some “faith restored” ish!

The website is pretty bare bones right now, but get all of Jon’s social media info on his website here.




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