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Jon Bellion - “Human” (Acoustic)

Jon Bellion - “Human” (Acoustic)

on Mar 05 in Jon BellionPop

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I really thought that after (co-)penning Eminem and Rihanna’s “Monster” that Jon Bellion’s pop star status would be fast-tracked from “on the verge” to “radio staple” but, for whatever reason, J.B. hasn’t broken into the mainstream just yet.  The dude is so talented, though, that his ascent to the A-list table where Usher and Timberlake dine isn’t so much an issue of if, but when.

In the meantime in between time, Bellion continues to gift his already solid fanbase with aural treats like these recent acoustic covers of his past work.  While I much preferred the studio version of “All Time Low” over the “unplugged” take, his recently released stripped version of “Human” is sublime.  Armed with only a piano and his voice, the new version of “Human”, originally from 2014’s The Definition, packs a much deeper emotional punch because the confessional-style lyrics are put front and center.  In less capable hands, this track could easily come off as forced or overwrought, but Jon’s connection to the song seems genuine and it’s that sincerity that draws you in and demands that you listen to this man’s testimony.

The YouTube description notes that this video was shot at Capitol studios indicating that perhaps Bellion finally signed a major label deal and his big break is an inevitable smash hit or two away.  Much like The Weeknd, I’m sure there will be Jon Bellion “I was down with him when he was indie” fans who will bemoan his success, but the guy is simply too talented to be kept a secret.

Give “Human” a listen below and treat yourself to the original version of “All Time Low”.





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