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Jon Bellion - “Paper Planes” & “Life” (Video)

Jon Bellion - “Paper Planes” & “Life” (Video)

on Oct 27 in Jon BellionPopR&BVideos

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I was trying to hold off on blogging about this guy ‘til I choreographed to one of his songs, but the music is coming too fast and too furiously and I don’t wanna seem like I’m too late to the party that is the “Jon Jam”.

While 90’s heads might understandably mistake this cat for the other Jon B., Jon Bellion is definitely a product of 2012 with influences that range from Kanye to doo wop to dubstep.  I just recently discovered the guy myself although he’s been building a fanbase, one YouTube subscriber and mixtape fan at a time, for the past year.  With a dedicated following already in place, Bellion dropped the video for “Paper Planes” a few weeks ago.  A clever mix of flying metaphors and all things aviation, “Paper” highlights J.‘s poetic songwriting chops while the accompanying visual has him recounting the details of the doomed love while strolling through the woods in slo-mo.

Equally as dramatic but with a bit more of a visual punch is the clip for the just released “Life”.  With an ominous piano riff anchoring the song, “Life” tells the story of a party girl fed up with livin’ la vida loca and an aspiring musician grappling with conflicting commitment priorities.  The track’s visual finds J. Bell channeling The Hills in a Justin Bobby-esque skully cap throughout a series of dark ‘n’ moody blue lighted scenes.  The elements also get some love in the clip with fire and rain intensifying the drama as Jon and his Zoe Saldana-looking love interest—- playing the lyrics’ protagonists?—- ultimately finding each other as the remedy to their previously unfulfilling lifestyle choices.

Both videos successfully heighten the anticipation for a full-length album from El Bell who is a rarity in today’s pop world: a singer-songwriter-producer (and uh… occasional rapper) who doesn’t need to rely on the crutch that is Guetta-fueled europop to score a hit on the Hot 100.  His Twitter timeline suggests that he’s already got the One Direction crowd, certain tastemakers and in the know music fans on lock and with the genuine talent he so obviously possesses, the masses won’t be too far behind.

J.B.‘s website seems to be under construction at the moment and there’s no news about a debut album release date, but you can eventually check out what’s goin’ on wit Jon by clicking here.  In the meantime, avoid being the last to know about ol’ dude and press play on the clips below.

A huge fan of watching the creative process in progress, I found the clip below of Jon creating “Paper Planes” just as compelling, if not more, than the official video.




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