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Jon Bellion - “Ungrateful Eyes” & “One More Time” (Video)

Jon Bellion - “Ungrateful Eyes” & “One More Time” (Video)

on Oct 16 in Jon BellionPopVideos

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After promising new material via his Twitter feed for a minute or two, indie pop artist Jon Bellion makes good on those teasin’ tweets by dropping both a new song and video with “Ungrateful Eyes”.

Fans of Bellion’s musical genre hopping tendencies should have no problem adopting “Ungrateful Eyes” as a new fave jam as the song showcases J.B.‘s impressive songwriting and production chops.  The “clap clap/clap clap…so what” refrain was what sold me but beyond the slick studio tricks and ear candy hooks is a lyrical picture painting of one wrestling with the idea that the pursuit of fame and riches may not be as rewarding as appreciating the simple things in life.

The video doesn’t seem to be a literal interpretation of the song but it’s not short on dramatics as it features the singer being pursued throughout the great LA outdoors by four masked, suited dudes armed with Louisville Sluggers.  I don’t know what the bat quartet represents/symbolizes and I’m not quite sure why ol’ Jonny Boy is singing for them shirtless in the mountains around a bonfire, but it all seems to work.  The layering of the silhouette shots with the bonfire scenes was cool and I’m a sucker for underwater photography so the compelling visuals make up for my lack of not “getting it” 100%—- I’m not even mad at J. Bell’s freestyle moves which aren’t so much dancing as they are getting turnt up in the studio listening to the final mix

Most impressive about this guy’s work thus far is that he continues, with what I assume is a limited budget, to create music and visuals that stand up to repeated listens/viewings and easily rivals the output of his major label contemporaries.  Artists like Jon Bellion and the U.K.‘s Raleigh Ritchie continue to remind me how ultimately unsatisfying Timberlake’s recent safe and predictable material has been when these other guys are making music and videos as though they take absolutely nothing for granted—- y’know, not looking at their careers with “Ungrateful Eyes”.  Grade: B+

UPDATE:  Duh… you kinda have to hit “publish” if you want folks to read your ish!  My apologies to those who I spoke to before about this guy only to not find the post I was referencing.  Thank goodness I just checked out Jon’s making of video for this song which gives me a whole new appreciation for the track’s producution.

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UPDATE, PT. 2:  And in the time it took me to realize that I hadn’t published this post ol’ J.B. has released another video for yet another new song!  Check him out getting his Adam Levine on in his latest, “One More Time”.




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