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Air Jordanishas?

Air Jordanishas?

on Jan 09 in Christina MilianFashion ActionKicksMariah Carey

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I recently got a frantic e-mail from a stylist friend of mine who was desperate to track down what looked like black and purple Air Jordan high heel boots.  After a little investigation I had to break the bad news to her that:

1)  The sneaker boots were fake.
2)  The concept had been done much better several years ago on the cover of Complex magazine featuring Christina Milian.

The heels that C. Milli was rocking on that cover manage to balance stiletto sexy with the traditionally masculine design elements of Jordans (Jordan IVs, in this instance) whereas the boots take a boutique idea and come up with swap meet results.  The black and purple joints kinda remind me of those luxury brand logo “custom” timbs from several years ago—- definitely.not.hoodfab.

At any rate, my investigation also yielded a pic of Mimi rocking the same (but still not quite as hot as Christina’s) concept at an NBA event.  Unfortunately, the only info I could find about the Jordan IV stilettos was a dead end credit to “Charlene Urban Couture”—- good luck tracking her/them down.

In the meantime, you can salivate over La Milian’s take on a Nike staple or pray that those Steve Madden Blahnik Timbs knock-offs stashed in the back of your closet are gonna make a comeback.

* Christina Milian photos via nitrolicious.




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