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“Just Wright” (Trailer)

“Just Wright” (Trailer)

on Mar 11 in CommonFlicksQueen Latifah

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What?  A movie with two black leads and no one is hooked on drugs or gang banging in the projects??? Yes, please!

I didn’t even know that Queen Latifah and Common were shooting a movie, but here we are on the eve of the release of their movie Just Wright —- well not exactly “on the eve”, the film isn’t due in theaters until May 14th.

However, is it me or does it seem like the entire plot of the movie is given away in the trailer?  Is Common really a ghost?  Does Queen Latifah wind up with Pam Grier in the end?  I’m gonna need a twist or two or some surprises, otherwise I could save myself 12 bucks and click on the preivew below again.

Still, how cool is it that Just Wright is shaping up to be that rarest of Hollywood flicks - a black romantic comedy starring two grown hip hop artists(!) in a movie that appears to be devoid of sassy finger wavers, hoodrats, thug cats and assorted gats!




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