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Justin Timberlake - “Suit & Tie” (New Single)

Justin Timberlake - “Suit & Tie” (New Single)

on Jan 14 in Jay-ZJustin TimberlakePopR&BTimbaland

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TRL nation stand up!  The past few days have been throwback-tastical for those whose childhoods/teen years include Carson Daly, Backstreet Boys and Christina before The Voice with new music announcements from Beyonce ‘n’ Dem and the curly-haired blonde from *NSYNC.  Following on the heels of “Nuclear”, Destiny Child’s new Pharrell-produced track (doesn’t get anymore early 00s than that), comes Justin Timberlake’s first new single in almost six years!

I was more than a little concerned after hitting “play” cuz I thought that dreadful intro was the actual song.  With such high anticipation for new material, it was a little jarring that the first new piece of music from JT was a slurred declaration duet with Timbaland of “being on their suit and tie sh*t.”  Thankfully, things pick up a bit when Timbo bows out and the actual track kicks in.

“Suit & Tie” is a mid-tempo, decidedly anti-teeny bopper affair that recalls the R&B vibe of his debut album Justified.  It doesn’t necessarily scream “comeback single” but it does help matters that Jay-Z stops by to bless the proceedings—- it kinda cements the whole “grown folks jam” thing that the song has going for it.  Was I the only one who, for about 2 seconds, thought Justin said “get out your seat, ho” leading into Jay’s verse before realizing that he actually said “Hov”?  No?  It was just me?

Timberlake is in the fortunate position of returning to the scene after such a long time without having to battle for music charts space with new male pop contemporaries.  With the exception of Bieber, there hasn’t been any new male solo superstars to emerge in Justin’s absence so in essence, it’s like he never left.  Perhaps it’s because Mr. ‘Lake has the luxury of not having to defend his pop crown that he can get away with an “OK, but not great” single like “Suit & Tie”, but there better be some game-changing ish waiting in the wings.  Besides, with acts like Jon Bellion and U.K. imports Conor Maynard and Daley setting their sights on U.S. releases this year, Sir “Sexy Back” might not be the only major player in the Kingdom of Blue Eyed Soul for much longer.

UPDATE: Well that was quick!  Mere hours after the single drops comes the first (that I know of) remix with Ryan Leslie jumping on the track with a verse of his own—- it’s the “...Sheraton, Nicolette…” line that sold me on the R Les addition.


And the remixes keep on coming!  Check out this trap remix by Scott Melker as he gives the track a bit more muscle…




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