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Kanye West - “Coldest Winter” (Video)

Kanye West - “Coldest Winter” (Video)

on Feb 28 in Hip HopKanye WestVideos

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Woo hoo!  Taylor Swift’s favorite rapper is back with what is probably the best video since “Single Ladies”!

That is, of course, sarcasm but the ambassador for Justice For The Greatest Videos Of All Time really is back with something new of his own for us to look at.  Hmmm… so let’s see, Kanye’s latest visual masterpiece is a blue-hued tale of dudes rocking House of Grim Reaper hoodies while chasing a pair of ginormous breast implants that happened to be attached to a Leona Lewis look-a-like.  Its all beautifully creepy and thankfully devoid of any appearance by ‘Ye save for this “Love Lockdown”-esque distorted vocals but I can’t help but wonder why did he even bother with this video considering the promotion of 808’s & Heartbreak seemed to have ended last year.  Perhaps the blog coverage for his recent Fashion Week appearances wasn’t enough for the validation-starved West and a clip for a random track on an old album was his plea for more attention?

Regardless of his motives, this latest video proves once again proves that K. Wes’ highbrow pretentious artsy video aspirations will always be undermined and cheapened if he can’t get over his juvenile obsession with bouncing boobies.  Grade: B

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