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Kastle featuring Janet Jackson - “Work It Out”

Kastle featuring Janet Jackson - “Work It Out”

on Apr 04 in 90'sDanceJanet Jackson

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* Big Sigh *—- The proverbial grain of salt should always be taken when an entertainer/athlete (or “the media”) announces his/her retirement from their respective field and though I do have a can of Morton’s at the ready, I can’t help but feel there might be a grain (ha!) of truth in the report that Janet is walking away from showbiz.

No major news outlet has picked up on the story yet, but a few minor player websites reported today that Jan is packing up her 1814 hats and riding off into the sunset with her new billionaire hubby.  She’s also reportedly converting to Islam so the six pack ab sightings and boob flashes are definitely a thing of the past—- provided there is truth in this story.

With the news of Janet’s alleged retreat from the spotlight also comes a new revisiting of the J.J. classic “Love Will Never Do (Without You)”, this time recast as a dubtastic house jam straight outta 1993.  Hearing the news of her retirement today coupled with this reminder of a once great recording career has me in total denial mode and hoping that we’ll, as Jan herself says in the song, be able to “...work it out somehow.”

UPDATE: Alrighty, well Gil (Janet’s choreographer) has taken to Twitter to call B.S. on the retirement rumors.  “Gimme a beat!”, indeed.

And while we’re on this “Love Will Never Do” kick, why not also check out this clip of the gorgeous Janet harmonies—- which U.K. R&B singer Daley just tweeted about the other day—- that are part of the chorus in the original mix of the song…





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