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Kat DeLuna featuring Lil’ Wayne - “Unstoppable” (Video)

Kat DeLuna featuring Lil’ Wayne - “Unstoppable” (Video)

on Jan 27 in Kat DeLunaLil' WaynePopVideos

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Ay, que paso, mija???  La Gata Luna needs a maid witta flame-retardant mop cuz “Unstoppable” is a hot, fiery mess!  Note to all aspiring pop princesses: DO NOT attempt to make a Rihanna video if all you’ve got is $136 and a generous hook-up at H&M.  What in the holy name of merengue happened to our dear Kat? (“DeLuna?... Se fue… DeLuna… Se fue… DeLuna?... Se fue… Where’s DeLuna?  She left!”) 

Things started out so promising two summers ago when she had the whole world (OK, well maybe just parts of NY and a couple of kids in LA) trying to “whine up”.  Kat was Britney’s spitfire, Charo-loving musical cousin from the Bronx.  And now?  Ay Dios!... que lastima!  I already hated the song so this budget a$$ video did absolutely nothing to help matters.  Don’t get me wrong, its not that I think that you have to spend a lot of money for your ish to be hot ‘n’ poppin’.  However, you cannot borrow some wigs from your teen tranny cousin, rock some of Ashanti’s red carpet outfits from four years ago, stick a rent-a-rapper on a motorcycle and then think that ish is gonna be hot.  No! 

I’m gonna pretend that this whole tragic episode never happened and pray to Washington Heights that the rest of the album ain’t like this.  Grade: C-

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