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Katy B - “Crying For No Reason” (Video)

Katy B - “Crying For No Reason” (Video)

on Jan 28 in DanceKaty BPassport TunesVideos

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My first fave of 2014!... even though the song was released late last year.  Katy B is poised to have a major hit on her hands with “Crying For No Reason” and hopefully U.S. radio will make room for her on its playlists among all of the Pitbull and One Direction singles that they insist on shoving down our throats.

Katy B has always been hit or miss with me—- her “Katy’s On A Mission” debut single?, hit.—- the entire album from which it came (On A Mission)?, miss.  With such a spotty track record, I was hesitant to sample any of her new material but I gave the video for “Crying For No Reason” a shot and it was an instant thumbs up.  Ten seconds into the clip and I knew I was gonna love the whole thing.  The song’s opening moments is all dramatic piano balladry with a side of Scarface which then gives way to a midtempo electro pop beat that allows Kate to achingly sing about some emotional baggage she hasn’t quite dealt with yet.  It’s a simple yet powerful approach that lyrically and sonically sounds like a logical follow-up to Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”.

Equally effective is the video for “Crying” which cleverly requires nothing of the artist but to simply stand on a soundstage in a red sweater and lip sync.  A spectacular light show perfectly timed to accents in the music unfolds around K.B. as she reveals the extent of her heartache with each verse.  Beautifully executed, “Crying For No Reason”, both the song and video, is flawless grown up pop music that exposes the amateur inclinations of these other artists chirping about Molly or self-help clichés nursery rhymes.

Look for this single and the equally sublime “5 AM” to be featured on Katy’s forthcoming album Little Red, due out (at least in the U.K.) February 10.



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