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Kelis - “Acapella” (Video)

Kelis - “Acapella” (Video)

on Mar 28 in DanceFashion ActionKelisVideos

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D*mn y’all, give it up one time for Kelis; the girl has had it rough lately.  Diddy’s side piece got credit for a haircut K. rocked years before, Nas stans continually rip her a new one on message boards, and a certain young lady who likes her romance bad is the reigning avant garde fashionista pop princess.  It’s enough to make someone wanna cue up “Caught Out There” on the iPod and scream “I hate you so much right now!” until that serious case of the sads goes away.

Luckily, La K is a fighter and the video for her new dance-tastic single “Acapella” seems to be her way of reminding people, “Hey, I was on this fashion ish way before that ‘Poker Face’ chick and the ‘Umbrella’ girl!”  The new clip finds Kels in glamazon huntress mode and she justifies why recent paparazzi pix had her rocking a gray wet ‘n’ wavy number topped off with a headband straight off the runway of the House of Statue of Liberty—- two choices I still cannot co-sign on.  Despite those slight missteps, the styling and creative direction are impressive indicating that she had a respectable budget to make this video happen which is surprising considering her last major hit about a malt shop’s signature beverage was several years ago.  In any case, the vid pretty much ignores the maternal awakening story spelled out in the lyrics and opts to simply showcase its star in various well photographed set pieces.  As she has always been two steps ahead fashion-wise, it’ll be interesting to see which starlet-come-lately tragically tries to pull off the feather headdress or the crystal masquerade mask as they are both standout pieces not rock-able by just anyone.

What I like most about this clip is that after nearly four mintues of Keli-K serving you “ooh la la fash-own” on a fourteen carat gold platter, the stunning visuals and the song’s lyrics are thematically joined finally with the very last, and quite touching, shot at the end.  Kudos Kelis, for continuing to create “on some other ish” hotness from which the more popular girls will continue to… let’s say, “borrow”.  Grade: B+

Download “Acapella” here.

Oh, and the clip below is straight up “back in the day” Kelis.  I couldn’t help posting it as it is my all-time fave Kels joint and the video’s freaky “Alice In Gothy-land” visuals kinda reminds me of some of the looks in the new vid.






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