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Kelly Rowland featuring Lil’ Wayne - “Motivation” (Video)

Kelly Rowland featuring Lil’ Wayne - “Motivation” (Video)

on Apr 07 in Kelly RowlandLil' WayneR&BVideos

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Oh Kelly… I know, you really want the R&B thing to happen but you seem to have something going with the dance/pop thing, so why fight it?  Its as though regardless of the success you have with the euro-tracks, you seem to be obsessed with and h*ll bent on continuing to make so-so R&B that will inevitably draw comparisons to you know who.  Um… aight girl, whatevs.

So, this is the second video today that features a dancer orgy that takes place in Nelly’s “Maneater” basement... what gives?  This time around we’ve got some fly girls and hunky dudes loungin’ around getting their oily, slo mo freak on while K. Ro slinks and slithers through the proceedings in a Dereon(?) one-piece.  How is it that everybody’s styling in the video is on point except for the d*mn star???  You’ve got everyone working overtime to create an atmosphere that screams, no purrs, “hot, hot, hot!” and poor Kell is left to try and bring the sexy in pieces from the Dina Lohan “‘Naughty Nighties’ Intimates Collection” at K-Mart.  I mean, there seemed to have been money in the video’s budget for everything ‘cept for a couple of decent outfits for Miz Rowland!  * sigh *

I will say, though, that I initially dismissed the video as a “Pass”, but I gave it a second viewing thinking that perhaps I was being too harsh.  And the second time around?  Well, yes, the smoothed out choreo was kinda hot and I like the way clip was shot, but that phoned in verse from Wayne and La Row ‘s tired bandwagon hopping on the faux lesbian/girl on girl thing was an instant buzzkill for any high that I may have previously had.  So I eased up a bit on the “no likey” with another viewing, but the fact still remains the video is fighting over the same tired concept with the latest from Britney Spears.  Grade: C



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