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Kylie Minogue - “I Was Gonna Cancel” (Remixes)

Kylie Minogue - “I Was Gonna Cancel” (Remixes)

on Apr 30 in DanceKylie Minogue

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Recent remix packages from Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue got me in a 90s state of mind thanks in part to the revival of a classic club sound happening over in the U.K. where DJs and producers are proving that yes, house music can go home again.  The timing couldn’t be any more perfect as the clanging pots and variations of angry robots powering down that’s currently passing as “house” has me fiendin’ for some genuine “Hot Music”.

Considering “I Was Gonna Cancel” was produced and written by Pharrell, it is the “duh, of course” choice as the second single from Kylie latest, Kiss Me Once.  The original version of “Cancel” finds Ky in sassy mode cooing silly lyrics over a chipper R&B-ish pop groove full of swirling keyboards and wedding(?) bell flourishes.  It’s the kind of production that would easily lend itself to a rote, by-the-numbers cheesy generic remix that is so typical of pop diva club mixes nowadays.

However, someone in the Minogue Camp wisely hired a team of producers who weren’t content to simply turn in another set of forgettable dance tracks.  Both The Presets and KDA remixes strip away the pop sheen of the original and dress the song with darker keyboard lines and distorted vocals reimagining the song as something dark and somewhat sinister—- I especially love what they did with the “go, go…” earworm hook from the original.  Rene Amesz and Maze & Masters give the song a surprisingly effective 90s house makeover with Amesz turning in a peak hour anthem with a killer drop and Maze & Masters opting for a late night dubby vibe that channels Masters At Work and will still keep the dancefloor packed.  You can’t win them all, though, as the one blemish in an otherwise flawless remix package comes courtesy of Moto Blanco with a boring, bubblegum autopilot mix.  However, I’ve included the Moto mix as well so that you can see how it pales in comparison to the more adventurous offerings from everyone else.

Check out all of the official remixes for “I Was Gonna Cancel” below, ranked in order of my faves, and get the digital EP here



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