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Kylie Minogue - “Time Bomb” (Video)

Kylie Minogue - “Time Bomb” (Video)

on May 25 in 90'sArmand Van HeldenKylie MinoguePopVideos

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With the recent discovery of the Palladia channel (which is essentially what everyone complains that MTV isn’t anymore) came the recent stumbling onto La Minogue’s Aphrodite tour from last year.  Unfortunately, I caught the show halfway through, but I was still impressed with the scale of spectacle that Miz Minogue had prepared for her adoring fans.

Clearly still enjoying being a pop star, K. Min continues a year-long celebration of being in the business for 25 years(!) with the release of “Time Bomb”, a new track slated to be featured on her upcoming The Best of Kylie greatest hits collection, due in June.  The video suggests that Ky-To-Tha-Lee likes to spend her downtime between video shoot takes engaging in all kinds of hell-raising on the streets of London.  If she’s not filming herself with a stolen cell phone, she’s joy riding in someone else’s Porsche, daytime clubbing, cavorting with biker boys or being chased through alleys until she’s forced to change into a barely there freakum dress that is literally hangin’ on by a string.

There isn’t anything here that we haven’t seen before—- though the video opening “already in progress” was clever—- but it doesn’t matter cuz Kylie seems to be having a blast and its fun for the viewer to go along for the ride.  Plus, those “wooah"s during the chorus speak to me in an Armand Van Helden/“Witch Doktor” kind of way.  So yeah, salute this woman for being a 40-something pop singer, two decades plus in the game, who can still rock outfits that Britney Spears would be better off leaving alone.  Don’t be mad, be impressed.  Grade: B



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