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La Toya Jackson - “Feels Like Love” (Video)

La Toya Jackson - “Feels Like Love” (Video)

on Jul 26 in DanceLaToya JacksonShamefully Into This...Videos

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I saw this posted on a blog earlier and I admittedly bypassed it.  A couple of hours and several various blog visits later, I ran into it again, clicked on it for the heck of it and well… I kinda like it.  There, I said it and there’s no taking it back.  I kinda like La Toya Jackson’s new video.

If you take it for what it’s worth, then the latest from (sigh) the only Jackson sister currently making music is not that bad.  “Feels Like Love” is harmless, peppy Real Housewife-ian, autotuned to the max cheesetastic, gym playlist perfect pop fluff that could very easily have been a track on Katy Perry’s latest album.  The track is very much in step with some of the commercial dance music that gets radio love so clown the elder Jackson all you want for her age, but momma seems to be pretty tuned in to “what’s hip with the kids.”

Now the video… well, again I say “take it for what it’s worth.”  ToyToy rented a euro love interest, some random LA club during its off hours and a handful of dancers who had some free time and she proceeded to school half-her-agers like BritBrit in the fine art of truly what is to “work, b*tch.”  While Janet needn’t lose any sleep over her sister’s latest bid for a hit, she might wanna use “Feels Like Love” as inspiration to stage a comeback of her own and let these young’uns know who is the ultimate Miss Jackson, If You’re Nasty cuz Toy just put these lesser girls on notice and basically told ‘em, “there, you just got rocked!”

NOTE:  Someone posted a clip of 80’s era La Toya in the comments section for “Feels Like Love” and d*mn!—- ol’ girl was hawt before… well, before the rest of the decade happened.  Check out La and her sequin jumpsuit giving you a shot of 80s glam with a side of disco funk in the YouTube gem below.





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