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LC X Taeyang - “So Good” (Video)

LC X Taeyang - “So Good” (Video)

on May 15 in Big BangK-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip HopTaeyangTV/Web/Print AdsVideos

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OK… So this isn’t so much a video as it is a supersized commercial but it will suffice until we get a proper solo single/album project from Taeyang.  With Big Bang on hold because of T.O.P.‘s military enlistment and the inevitability of the other members eventually following suit, the next best thing for fans will be the flurry of solo ventures that will fill the void until we get the mega reunion in a few years.

I wasn’t feeling Taeyang or G-Dragon’s recent contribution to PSY’s latest album so I was pleasantly surprised that T is back with a winner. “So Good” was composed basically as a commercial jingle to sell a few Lexus Coupes, but it’s strong enough to be a proper single.  The synth-heavy 80s R&B sound that found its way into a few tracks on The Weeknd’s most recent album can also be found here.

The video… errr commercial isn’t an over the top K-Pop extravaganza but c’mon it’s Lexus… the production value is still top notch. We get sexy shots of the car for two and a half minutes while Mr. Yang hits a step or two while still rocking those dreads—- ummmmm——and another pair of ripped jeans—- ummmmm, part 2.

Styling misgivings aside, it’s nice to hear new material from Taeyang and both the song and visual live up to the bar set in the title of the song… still ain’t buying that car though.



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