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Lil Wayne featuring Corey Gunz - “6 Foot 7 Foot” (Video) (NSFW)

Lil Wayne featuring Corey Gunz - “6 Foot 7 Foot” (Video) (NSFW)

on Mar 04 in Hip HopLil' WayneVideos

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I decided to break up all the recent dance music/pop diva posts with the latest from… Lil’ Wayne, of all people.  I normally don’t post reviews of a lot of hip hop vids cuz aside from a Kanye, a Jay-Z or a Nicki for that matter, it doesn’t seem as though much thought really goes into the visuals for artists of the Wocka Flocka persuasion.  A scowling brotha in front of the projects, in the club, or cruisin’ in a luxury car on loan from the label with butt-implanted aspiring strippers gets old really quick.

However, the “commissioner of the Cash Money militia” returns to the business of making videos with a decent clip that seems to draw inspiration from some of Missy Elliot & Dave Myers’ best work, classic 90s Hype Williams-isms and, most obviously, Inception.  Yes, there are slo-mo hotties rocking electric red lycra freakum dresses, but then we also get Wayne channeling Missy’s Supa Dupa Fly wackiness by acting out pretty much all of the various punchlines in his rewind-worthy verses—- and I kinda love that first couple of times that he says “b*tch”, we see a computer generated dog rolling over, a clever touch at a moment when I wasn’t expecting one.  However, the shot of Weezy falling in the tub… cool? Yes… but it was done in by overkill; I didn’t need to see it 42 times to get the point.

I gotta say though as much as Wayne wants to push this whole Corey Gunz situation on us, he’s kinda the Diddy Downer of both the track and the video.  Weezy Baby does just fine commanding the song on his own, but then Gunz shows up and dumbs everything down with the sort of mush-mouthed skully-capped whatever-ness that the entire production managed to avoid initially.  C’mon dude, you’re in a big budget Hype Williams-directed video with Lil’ Wayne and all I"m hearing from you is mixtape outtakes!

Subpar protegé aside, “6 Foot 7 Foot” still succeeds based on the strength of The Other Mr. Carter’s on point delivery, Hype’s throwback ghetto fabulous imagery, and the wise decision to put the bottle poppin’ and thong parade on pause… even if just for a minute.  Grade: B+

This ain’t the radio edit, so don’t press play if you can’t handle the language…



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