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Lizzo - “Fitness” (Video)

Lizzo - “Fitness” (Video)

on Apr 02 in LizzoR&BVideos

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Armed with a Donna Summer sample and a squad o’ bad b*tches, Lizzo returns with a new body positive video for those who feel like Olivia Newton-John isn’t exactly reppin’ your set.

I like Lizzo because she unapologetically goes completely against the notion that an acceptable body type for a pop star is limited to “super thin” or “Barbie doll”.  Sure, there are a handful of successful women out there who aren’t a size 2, but those ladies are presented as sex symbols either. Lizzo stands out as a member of Team Thickums who loves the skin she’s in and isn’t afraid shot that skin off and present herself as a sexually active, desirable woman.

The video finds Miz Liz and her merry band of not quite Fenty models prancing around a smokey warehouse in style choices that embrace leotards, patent leather and fishnet tights.  There’s also a contortionist pole dancer in tribal body paint, ladies in ski masks and armpit hair thrown in the mix as well just to further freak out those who are only used to a Taylor Swift aesthetic.

Check out the video below as well as the song that put me on to Lizzo in the first place, the ultimate end-of-the-night-at-the-club-crisis anthem “Phone”.



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