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Madonna - “Celebration” (Video)

Madonna - “Celebration” (Video)

on Sep 01 in DanceMadonnaPopVideos

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After about fiftyeleven teasers, this is what you came out with?  This is quite possibly the laziest Madonna video to come along in some time which is disappointing considering the girl has produced some amazing clips during the course of her career.  So after all the hype, “Celebration” turns out to be outtakes from “Give It 2 Me” and “Hung Up”?!?!?!  Maddy prances around in a sparkly (surely couture) number and gives lotsa love to her current crop of dancers as well as current jumpoff Jesus, but the whole thing just comes off as cheap and last minute.  I mean, the most exciting thing for me was seeing a piece from Jeremy Scott’s debut Adidas collection being rocked—- and for a Madonna video that is a problem.  Grade: C

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