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Major Lazer - “Apocalypse Soon” (EP)

Major Lazer - “Apocalypse Soon” (EP)

on Feb 24 in DanceDiploMajor LazerPharrellSean Paul

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I was all set to simply do a post on just one song from the Major Lazer EP that just dropped, but further investigation revealed that there a number of noteworthy bangers on…. y’know what?  I just finished listening the entire album while writing this and I’m just gonna go ahead and co-sign on the whole d*mn thing!

Major Lazer is a DJ/producer collective founded by Diplo (the man behind, among other things, Usher’s “Climax”) and what they create in the lab is a franken-mashup of dancehall/hip hop/EDM monster tracks that bump best in the middle of peak hour club sets.  EP opener “Aerosol” gets the party started right and though the beat knocks a lot harder than the verses, Pharrell does a decent job letting us know once again why it’s great to be him.  “Lose Yourself” and “Sound Bang” pick up the tempo and elevate things to a “hands in the air” situation though “Sound” gets bonus points for conjuring up images of fruity beach drinks in between its relentless bass drops.  “Dale Asi” switches things up and slows things down with Mr. Fox spitting in Spanish over a trap beat that should satisfy those that like their raves with a side of ratchet.

It’s EP highlight “Come On To Me”, though, that inspired this entire post and is THE anthem on an album of anthems.  Aided by a can’t fail sample of the Willie Colon classic “La Murga” and those all too familiar of-the-moment mid-song drops, the track also features vocals that suggest a Sean Paul comeback might be in order.  Certifiable, undeniable dancefloor HEAT-AH right here and a necessary addition for anyone who needs to get in the zone on the regular.

Sample all of the tracks below and then pick up your Saturday night soundtrack for the foreseeable future by clicking here.





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