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Mariah Carey - “GTFO” (Video)

Mariah Carey - “GTFO” (Video)

on Oct 02 in Mariah CareyR&BVideos

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If you are a fan of “boy, bye!” jams but “Irreplaceable” was a bit too quaint for your tastes then slide that joint to the left cuz Mimi’s got a “git gone” anthem for you! Mariah’s latest is a middle finger breakup ballad moonlighting as a whispery kiss off.

The video is a typical series of beauty shots of Madame Butterfly, but the lighting folks and the glam squad get major props for making this video valentine to its star more “yaaasss” than “yikes”.  She’s sipping wine in the living room! She’s sipping wine on the kitchen counter! She’s twirling in lingerie!... yeah, typical Mariah shenanigans but she looks amazeballs and the pillowy vocals ‘n’ unexpected f-bombs suggest that she can effortlessly give you vintage Mimi with a touch of Cardi B.

We never get to see the dude who’s on the receiving end of the eviction but watch Mariah and her shoeless arched feet kick him to the curb below.



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