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Mariah Carey - “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” (The New Iberican Club Mix)

Mariah Carey - “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” (The New Iberican Club Mix)

on Aug 27 in David MoralesDanceMariah CareyR&B

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Once upon a time waaay back in the 90’s Mariah Carey came outta nowhere and cemented her status as the “First Lady of The Remix.”  What I loved about Mimi from that era was how she would prepare for a single’s release by going into the studio and doing away with the original production, re-recording the vocals, and re-emergeing with a completely different track(s) to appeal to both house kids and R&B/hip hop heads alike.

It seems after her infamous bout with “exhaustion” in 2001, Meems kinda cooled off on putting that much effort into remixes and was content to have a producer simply lay the original vocals over whatever beat that they’d cooked up.  Although I miss the days when she would go all out for a single release, the Queen of All Lambs has managed to come up with a respectable club knocker or two in the new millennium, but nothing touches the David Morales-helmed brilliance of the “Dreamlover” or “Fantasy” mixes or Jermaine Dupri’s re-imagining of “Always Be My Baby”.

I say all of that to say that I am not feeling ‘Riah’s new single… at all.  Like everyone else, I couldn’t figure out why she was OK with being “the hook girl” on the lead single from her own upcoming album but I had faith that redemption could be found in the remixes.  Early re-workings of the song suggested that this release was gonna be a complete bust for me, but the new remix package contains one gem that saves “Triumphant” from being completely defeated.  The Iberican Mix can’t compete with her 90’s classics, but the production’s tribal-y groove is enough to hold my attention and move my a$$—- and it thankfully steers clear of the trendy Skrillex/dubstep/electro screeching robots sound that mainstream DJs seem to favor nowadays.

Check out the Iberican Mix below and catch Mrs. Cannon in all her slo-mo, post-Glitter glitter glory in the boxing-themed video as well.




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