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Mariah Carey - “Up Out My Face” (w/Nicki Minaj) & “Angels Cry” (w/Ne-Yo) (Video)

Mariah Carey - “Up Out My Face” (w/Nicki Minaj) & “Angels Cry” (w/Ne-Yo) (Video)

on Jan 28 in Mariah CareyNe-YoNicki MinajR&BVideos

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Mimi is back with a pair of videos that celebrate both her chickenhead hoodrat persona that I find to be comedy gold and the long gone “Early 90s good girl Mariah” of whom her diehard pop fanbase, to quote Meems, “can’t let go.”

Miz Carey-Cannon tries to drum up interest in her recently ignored album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel by re-releasing it, re-titled Angel’s Advocate, as a remix album scheduled to drop in March.  Along with the re-release comes the premiere of two new videos to support the project, “Up Out My Face” and “Angels Cry”.  “Up” was definitely a highlight for me from the Memoirs album and I was dismayed to learn that Rye-Rye was gonna ruin the song by adding Nicki Minaj AKA “Canal St. Kim” on the track. —-SIDENOTE:  I really can’t with this Nicki chick.  Her flow is wack, her verses blow chunks, and that whole Barbie schtik is some corny a$$ marketing crap that would’ve been best left in the bad weed-fueled brainstorming session that it came from.  We go from a drought of females in hip hop to this tacky broad?.... I’d rather stay thirsty.  OK, rant over.—-  So, despite my disdain for it, Minaj’s whole doll fixation actually works for this video as the concept fits right in with that whole “emotionally stunted twelve year old” thing that Mariah has going on.

From the looks of it all, red and white were the only colors invited to this party which is a respectable recession-friendly creative choice that makes the video look like Valentine’s Day exploded all over it.  As I hoped/expected, Mariah stuffs herself into a series of comically snug ensembles (“sexy” nurse, LV-toting hood chick, salon ho, etc.) all while falling out of doll boxes and cavorting with that tacky rapper girl who should never ever wear a blonde wig again.  However, I was sooo looking forward to the trio of ‘round the way varsity girls to put it on smash with some hot “ghetto girl choreography” during the marching band ending, but I had to instead settle for goofy shots of Nick Cannon and a retread of his Drumline movie which might have been cool if Omarion hadn’t already done it two months ago.  Despite the disappointing ending, the campy mix of RuPaul-approved styling, a Mattel-inspired concept, and M. Care’s defiant refusal to “grow up” makes “Up Out My Face” a gift to those who like their Mariah with a side of “hot tranny mess.”  Grade: B

However, if you’re one of those Mimi fans that absolutely hates the decidedly R&B/hip hop direction that she has been going in for oh… the past twelve years, then you’ll be sorta pleased to know that the second of her two new videos, “Angels Cry”, is somewhat of a throwback to her early days before she evolved into the trampy mallrat goddess that she is today.  The clip isn’t anything special as it recycles old Mariah clips by featuring her and her “Vision Of Love” curls singing in the rain in between shots that replace Boyz II Men with Ne-Yo for a whole “One Sweet Day, 2010” feel.  Throw in a shameless plug for her perfume and gratuitous shots that remind us that yup, she still likes butterflies!—- and you’ve got a ho-hum montage of cliche Mariah-isms.  I will say, though, that Mariah’s shoe situation is always on point and those glittery gold platforms that she is rockin’ (I ain’t mad at that close-up) ain’t nuttin’ ta f**k wit!!!  I’ll also give her credit for not lounging around in a bikini this time around as well.  Grade: C





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