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Marie Serneholt - “Disconnect Me” (Video)

Marie Serneholt - “Disconnect Me” (Video)

on Aug 19 in Marie SerneholtPassport TunesPopVideos

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I’m definitely going through a pop phase right now so today we’re gonna start off with a video premiere from Marie Serneholt.  Marie spent the late 90s and the early part of this decade as a member of A*Teens, that Swedish bubblegum teen group that remade old ABBA songs.  She eventually ditched the Teens and the ABBA and struck out on her own as solo artist.  Marie reminds me of Rachel Stevens from British bubblegum concoction S Club 7 in that she is some generically pretty chick devoid of any outstanding talent who thinks she should be a pop star simply cuz she was in some manufactured group that was lucky enough to go platinum.

Fortunately for Marie this time around, the director had a great idea and the hair, makeup and wardrobe queens helped to make her latest video a conceptual triumph.  Playing off the whole “disconnect” theme in the lyrics, Marie is surrounded by, and dressed in, a sea of wires and lightbulbs while she proves to you that she knows her own lyrics by over enunciating every.single.syllable.  Easy on the lip sync, girl. 

UNfortunately for Mari-Mar, she is the least interesting thing about her video. This is one of those instances where an anonymous pop singer seems hot cuz everything around her hits the creative bull’s eye.  If this chick knows what’s good for her, she has everyone involved with this single on speed dial. Grade: B+

Marie Serneholt - “Disconnect Me”


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