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Mary J Blige featuring Drake - “The One” (Video)

Mary J Blige featuring Drake - “The One” (Video)

on Sep 01 in DrakeMary J. BligeR&BVideos

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I woulda been just fine (no pun intended) if Mary’s AT&T commercial was the official video for this single, cuz she repped hard for the ghettofab girls something lovely and the flyness exuded by MJB in those mere thirty five seconds will take some of these heifers their entire careers to achieve.

But, I digress.  The latest from La Blige takes a dope concept, flawless styling, cool lighting, what I can only assume is hot choreography and effs it all up when the footage is placed in the hands of an editor with an itchy trigger finger.  There seem to be a lot of really nice moments in this clip, none of which can be appreciated cuz each visual seems to get about .004 seconds of air time.  The irony of all this is that “the one” aspect that would’ve benefitted from trickery and quick-cutting, the fact that Mary and Drake’s parts were obviously shot at different times, is footage that remains pretty much untouched leaving the hot parts chopped… and most definitely screwed.  Grade: B-

Mary’s AT&T Commercial



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