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Mateo - “Sing About Me” (Video)

Mateo - “Sing About Me” (Video)

on Jan 22 in MateoR&BVideos

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Cats like Mateo, Jon Bellion and Daley really have me hopeful as this new crew of R&B/Pop male vocalists are wisely sidestepping the Ibiza anthem trappings and unfortunate boot knocking lyrical inclinations of some of their established peers and focusing more on the business of making timeless music.

‘Teo first got some Q’s Views love back in late 2011 and his recently released video for “Sing About Me” is definitely worth a listen if not a view.  As he has done in the past, Mateo takes a song by a popular artist—- this time setting his sights on a track from Kendrick Lamar’s debut album—- and puts his own hip hop supper club spin on it.  While Lamar’s original version has a Roots-esque feel to it, Mateo takes the hook of the song and fashions it into a somber, piano-driven R&B ballad that tells the wistful tale of a man yearning to be immortalized in song after his death—- kinda heavy, no?  It’s definitely one of those “figure out life/self reflection” type of joints that one cues up on the iPod when they’re working through some ish.

The video’s concept is the oft-used one take approach with the camera following M. on a nocturnal journey that starts off in somebody’s apartment and ends up on that same somebody’s rooftop.  Mateo’s bouncy, finger pointing friendly performance gets a bit distracting from the gravity of the lyrics at times but the clip is a rather decent introduction to those of you not already familiar with the artist.

I’m looking forward to this dude’s official full-length debut but in the meantime, brush up on some his back story and familiarize yourself with his music by clicking on an earlier Mateo post here.



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